Celebrate Naboborsho with Dolinman X Prajna X Abhijit X Nilesh

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Skinny Mo's, Kolkata

Dolinman X is a collaborative YouTube series run by music producer, composer and mandolin player Diptanshu Roy. Dolinman X began in 2021 and features many artists from different musical backgrounds. In the third year of this journey, we are ready for more concerts and original music releases. Dolinman X Prajna X Abhijit X Nilesh will be performing a set of new and old songs at the concert…. The audience will get to preview a bit of what’s in store this new year!

Prajna is an extremely versatile and skilled singer, trained in traditional folk music. Her work stands out for her signature evocative renditions and improvisations. She has worked on several playbacks projects for films and music production companies and is currently also working on her independent projects.

Abhijit Kundu is a trained finger style guitar player and composer from Kolkata. He extends his deep knowledge of western classical music to any genre of music quite seamlessly and is the backbone of this trio.

Nilesh is a new addition to the trio sound. He comes from a background of playing jazz, electronic music and Reggae music.